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Pro-Cal shot

A food for special medical purposes
Pro-Cal shot is a low volume, energy-dense liquid supplement, available in neutral, strawberry and banana flavours, providing protein, fat and carbohydrate.

On 1st July 2015 the 250ml glass bottle was discontinued. For more information please call our nutritional helpline on 0151 702 4937.

Pro-Cal shot is for use in the dietary management of disease related malnutrition, malabsorption states and other conditions requiring fortification with a fat/carbohydrate supplement (with protein).

Dosage and Administration
To be determined by the clinician or dietitian and is dependent on the age, body weight and medical condition of the patient.
30ml of Pro-Cal shot provides 100kcal & 2g of protein.

Preparation Guidelines
Pro-Cal shot can be taken in 30ml or 60ml doses in the medicine cup provided or combined with food or drink.
Serving suggestions for Pro-Cal shot are available online and on request.

Typical single dose

Typical daily dose

30ml = 100kcal & 2g protein


4 x 30ml = 400kcal & 8g protein


60ml = 200kcal & 4g protein 4 x 60ml = 800kcal & 16g protein

Must only be used under strict medical supervision.
Suitable from 3 years of age.
Not for use as a sole source of nutrition.
For enteral use only.
Not suitable for people with a lactose or milk protein intolerance.

Allergen Declaration
Contains Milk (Milk Protein, Lactose).
Contains Soya (Soya Lecithin).
Gluten free.

Unopened bottles should be
stored in a cool, dry place.
Once opened keep refrigerated for:
Up to 48 hours (for the 120ml bottle).
Always replace the lid after use.
Pro-Cal shot 120ml is packed in a
protective atmosphere.

Shelf Life
Pro-Cal shot Neutral – 12 months
Pro-Cal shot Strawberry – 9 months
Pro-Cal shot Banana – 9 months

Pack Sizes / Volume
6 x 120ml ℮ – 720ml

120ml Starter Pack
3 x 120ml ℮ – 360ml  (1 x 120ml of each flavour plus measuring cup)

Downloads – Nutrition Support
Download PDFPro-Cal Shot data sheet
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